What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.

Business logics and functionality

BRIKKS Business System (BBS)

BBS is the part of the business support system BRIKKS that includes all the necessary functionality for handling all provisioning and financial aspects of advanced broadband services.

Provisioning means the process stages required for delivering a service to the customer. Functionality includes systems for invoicing (debiting, mailings of physical and/or electronic invoices and escalation) and management of subscriptions, for example, prices, starting fees, length of agreements etc.

The functionality for both financial and process control have been developed in cooperation with other BRIKKS systems. In so doing we can achieve a high level of automation.


BRIKKS components

Overview of BRIKKS five different sub-system