What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.

Interface to consumer

BRIKKS Customer Portal (BCP)

BCP is the interface between BRIKKS and the consumer, often consisting of a marketplace where the operator's customers can order and handle services. As BCP integrates with other processes in the BRIKKS system, the consumer can, for example, partake in the current status in the ordering process which should result in a delivered broadband connection. This gives the consumers significantly better control over ordered broadband services than what is possible from traditional system solutions.

Another example of this is that consumers can change the speed of the broadband via BCP (from, for example, 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps) without having to interact with customer services. In this way, BCP creates new commercial possibilities for the operators that choose to use BRIKKS.


BRIKKS components

Overview of BRIKKS five different sub-system