What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.

Portal for administration

BRIKKS Administration Portal (BAP)

A business support system handles sensitive personal details and substantial financial resources. For this reason, security and system support for allocating rights and following up what measures the various administrative users of the system have carried out is of great significance.

Through BAP, BRIKKS has extremely well-developed capacity for managing user rights. This allows Labs² operator customers to create unique logins for each user of the systems and assign rights to these.

Another area that BAP handles is when personnel from many different companies are to manage services designed for the same group of consumers. The demand for this type of function has increased dramatically in connection with the establishment of ”Triple play” on the market. As the access to information and functionality changes according to the decisions consumers take, BRIKKS benefits greatly from the cooperation between BCP and BAP.


BRIKKS components

Overview of BRIKKS five different sub-system