What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.


ViaEuropa is a Swedish communications operator that constructs and operates triple play networks. All networks are open and operator neutral, i.e. all service suppliers can deliver their services in the networks on equal terms.

ViaEuropa started operations in 2001 in connection with the new construction of an entirely new district in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. Straight from the start it was realised how important it was for an all-embracing business support system to manage network operations efficiently. Over the initial years a lot of resources were spent in developing an in-house system. The costs went through the roof, and in 2004 the decision was taken to convert to BRIKKS.

Today BRIKKS is used in all ViaEuropa's networks throughout Sweden. Through BRIKKS, ViaEuropa has a complete business support system that has rationalised operations and enabled rapid growth in the new networks.


  • Automated and standardised the processes in all networks which has brought down the running costs.
  • Lowered the cost of activating a new customer to a fraction of what it was.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and the average time a customer can remain.