What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.

The business solution of the future - BRIKKS

Labs² was founded to utilise the business opportunities that arose when the new technology started to change the terms for Internet and broadband services. The creation of the Swedish company Bredbandsbolaget saw key personnel becoming involved in what was to be Labs² conclusion that even if the broadband technology had developed at a fast rate, the BSS/ OSS systems would not have grown at the same rate. This gave Labs² an advantage as the company had already developed BRIKKS from the start exclusively to satisfy the wishes and requirements associated with “Multi play”.

Labs² made an early assessment that a BSS/OSS system designed in accordance with the ”end-to-end” principle (turnkey solution where all work tasks are handled by a single system) should be able to respond better to the demands of tomorrow.

Labs² customers operate in an increasingly competitive market with squeezed margins. The central element of the new BSS/OSS systems is that they would be able to contribute to the customer's improved margins more evidently than previous solutions. Labs² offers an alternative revenue model that is entirely based on the results effects of the client

In addition to Labs² there area a number of smaller new actors that have seen the opportunity of competing with the traditional global actors. A common feature for many of these is that they have chosen a significantly narrower part of the BSS/OSS area. The market for BSS/OSS systems can be classified in different areas. Most modern products only work in one or a few of these areas. Labs² has opted for another way.

BRIKKS - an end-to-end solution

BRIKKS is designed to ensure that the five sub systems can act individually, in cooperation with other sub systems in accordance with a traditional model or as a whole unit. Labs² today has customers that run their entire business operations using BRIKKS exclusively as business support system.